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“Banksy of the catering world”...

Wanting to create a new company at such a young age has its challenges. The first challenge was establishing what I wanted my company to specialise in, speaking to a good friend back then who was a young entrpeneur she advised me that the most important thing is that you create something based on passion. My biggest passion at that time and has continued to be entertaining people with food. I wanted to create a company where different chefs could showcase their work and I would support them, whilst remaining at hidden, the want to remain hidden comes from a personal sense of insecurity where I didn’t feel I was good enough to be the face of the company due to the colour of my skin. I thought by providing a platform where chefs who may share the same insecurities could expose there work whilst knowing they wouldn’t be judged, was a great concept and something which I felt I would be doing good, I saw chef secret as the Banksy of the Catering world.

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