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From seasonal produce to high quality ingredients, we hope to design the perfect menu for your event.

Allergies and other dietary requirements are an important part of the menu design process, from providing alternate dishes or adapting the dishes to suit their needs. 

Please always inform us of any allergies as the menu will not always state all the ingredients.

To the right is a basic sample of a summer menu.

Sample menu overleaf


Our diverse menus, excellent service and creativity is the core of our fundamentals beliefs. While  using sustainable ingredients, we thirst for knowledge of what is in season to get the best flavours that we can provide, which ultimately is what food is all about…being real. What sets us apart is the attention to detail and passion that is reflected in everything we do. We offer the same quality you would expect to find in the finest restaurants. We always surpass our expectations by breaking boundaries and going the extra mile in terms of what is technically possible. We believe that the first part of enjoying a dish comes down to the presentation, so our dishes are immaculately presented in imaginative ways, ensuring that your food excites all of your senses.  

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