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The Next chapter

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

With the concept of ‘the banksy of

the catering world’ on my mind, I carried on my research into food and fed my appetite of wanting to understand everything about. During my research, I discovered that food has its own languages made up of different ingredients and personalities. The more I travelled on this journey learning about food, the more I realised how much there was I needed to learn, coming from an African culture I only knew certain ways of cooking, so when I was discovering things like curing salmon and preserving lemons I was excited to discover this world more. My African background taught me how to work with spices from a young age and the thought of blending these two concepts together excited me. I practiced these dishes in my own home much to the delight of my closet family and friends. All good things came together when I first started working for the Ivy at the age of 21, doors started opening for me. The Ivy being the prestige restaurant it was along side J Sheekys and Scotts was a learning experience, it taught me discipline, business accumin skills and exceptional high levels of service, having to cook for high profile guests. From here my culinary expertise expanded and the famous Ivy bang bang chicken and Asian cuisine was properly introduced into my life.

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